The Bailey Law Firm provides you with the knowledge and confidence to help you make informed decisions...for the right results both today and tomorrow. The Bailey Law Firm's practice areas include Estate Planning, Probate, Elder Law and Business Law. In this section of the website, you'll find the information you need to gain a better understanding of these services. However, the Bailey Law Firm is more than a website. If you have questions, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please don't hesitate to call us at 901-843-2760.


Ginger P., Memphis, TN "Over the years, Mac Bailey has handled estate planning documents for my grandfather, father, and my family.  He is very patient and kind and gives expertise without talking down to anyone.  He lays out complex issues and does not pull punches - at the same time understanding the emotion of estate planning and being sensitive to that.  It is a delicate balance he strikes without effort.  He makes you feel like the most important client he has that day."

Thomas M., Eads, TN  "The process was easier than expected.  It addressed all of our concerns and some that we had not thought of."

Patricia M., Memphis, TN "It relieved the persistant stress I was under to setup the trust in a timely manner."

AH  "Matthew A. Rhoads and The Bailey Law Firm were a great help and support to me and my family during our time of confusion and concern.  I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Benny J., Rossville, TN - "I would recommend Bailey Law Firm for anyone needing help to set up a trust.  They are very professional and very easy to work with. We are satisfied with the results."

Debbie L., Memphis, TN "Matthew Rhodes is our favorite lawyer. He is patient, passionate and respectful even when we didn't understand something."

D. King, Collierville, TN  "The day before I was planning to take a respite vacation, the assisted care facility rejected my daughter.  Matthew Rhoads informed Chris Knudsen, their Aging Consultant, of my situation.  The next morning, Chris contacted me with another assisted living facility that accepted my daughter - saving our respite vacation.  I cannot say enough about the prompt service provided by the entire staff of The Bailey Law Firm."

P. Evans, Germantown, TN  "We were very satisfied with the work done for us.  Patricia does a wonderful job greeting clients.  Matt Rhoads and Diana Beyersdorf explained every option available to us and answered all our questions. We felt like we were in great hands."

Vernon T., Bartlett, TN  "We were very pleased with the services provided by The Bailey Law Firm.  They knew just the right questions to ask to ensure all aspects of our estate planning were understood and addressed.  We look forward to a long and satisfying association with them."

Phyllis P., Bartlett, TN " Everything was very well discussed and explained to where I could understand. The Bailey Law Firm was very good in their help and so kind during the entire process. Thank you ever so much!"

Robert M., Collierville, TN "Meeting with Mac and Diana at the outset helped formulate our planning, steamlined a process for our heirs, and simplified our wishes."

Tom R., Collierville, TN "My parents, my wife, and I felt comfortable with Mac from the first meeting. Our estate plans were done in a short time and very professionally. When the time came to execute the decisions made in the plans, Mac’s help was invaluable in getting through probate and IRS requirements. I have recommended Mac to other family members and friends, and will continue to do so."

Mary T., Memphis, TN  "Mr. Bailey was very easy to talk to.  He understood my concerns and needs more than I did.  His advice on my needs for financial planning, will, and power of attorney was right on target.  He pointed me in the right direction for steps I needed to take for my future and the future of my children."

G. Edmond Clark, Germantown, TN "I have worked with Mac Bailey and his staff for several years, and in conjunction with my financial planner, they have done an outstanding job of providing and implementing an optimal estate structure for me and my family. Mac and his staff are knowledgeable and professional and I would offer them my highest personal recommendation."

Sue Kaplan, Memphis, TN "Mac Bailey and his staff have taken exceptional care of my needs, both in estate planning (including trusts) and in handling the countless complex details after my husband’s death. Not only was the help and advice of the highest caliber, I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect during a difficult time."

M. Tucker, Sherwood "After my husband’s death my financial affairs were beyond me. Someone told me about The Bailey Law Firm. When I called I was able to get an appointment promptly. Their knowledge and efficiency were immediately evident when we met. Mac and Aaron were both patient and kind in handling my affairs (and me). Both were professional, yet personal. I feel I made two friends for life and I would not hesitate to call on them again if the need arose."

Charles Auerbach, CFP, Memphis, TN "I have had a personal and professional relationship with Mac Bailey for more than 15 years. Over this time he has represented numerous clients of our firm. I am pleased to say every one of these clients has been extremely satisfied with the services they have received and been most thankful for my referral to Mr. Bailey."

Michael Oliver, Greers Ferry, Arkansas "When faced with concerns regarding your family, you must find the very best assistance available. With The Bailey Law Firm, I always have the best knowledge, expertise, and legal counsel that is available. I believe in them and I am proud to be one of their clients."

Teressa Archer, Coldwater, Mississippi "I never dreamed anyone could take such a bad situation and make it easy for us. God really blessed us with your firm. We feel we have truly found a friend in a time of need. Thank you for being there. You are the best!"

Melba McCaslin, Merritt Island, Florida "Living nine hundred miles away from my mother made trying to help my mother with finances very difficult! Aaron’s guidance and using email and phone calls got a conservatorship in a timely manner. My brother and I appreciate having Aaron to answer questions regarding legal issues. Long distance management can be done."

Laurie P. Monypeny, Memphis, TN "It was our lucky day when we hired your firm to finish settling our mother’s estate. We were truly in a mess - Mac and Aaron worked diligently to clear up all the probate matters we were facing. Once we put our case in their hands, we did not have to worry about a thing. We would hire The Bailey Law Firm again with the confidence our affairs would be handled competently and quickly."

Charles Greene, Van Buren, Missouri "It was a day of good fortune when my brother and I came to your office to seek legal advice. You presented options we would never have considered or known were open to us. The knowledge and the integrity of your firm gave us great comfort and support in a most uncertain time. The implementation of your suggested procedures gave our father a lot of security and happiness in his last two years. Your counsel and knowledge saved our family over $30,000 and probably more. Our father was able to live out his 87th year with greater dignity. He passed away at age 87 in 2008."

Kaye Guy, Memphis, TN "Our family has used The Bailey Law Firm to handle the probate process for my uncles, design trusts for my parents, write my will, wills for my children, as well as form a limited partnership. I trust Mac implicitly and consider him, not only as our lawyer but our friend. He has a wonderful knowledgeable staff and they do a fantastic job. That Vanderbilt education has paid off - our CPA was very impressed with his work. I am extremely happy with The Bailey Law Firm."

Judy B., Memphis, TN - "My experience was very pleasant. Mac and Diana understood my situation and responded in a way that I understood.  Follow up was quick and all staff were very responsive."

D. Kohler - Bartlett, TN - "I was ready to file for medicaid and was told by the nursing home we would need a QIT."  "I called on a Friday afternoon - had an appointment a couple of days later.  This was just before Christmas, too.  This did not stop the process.  So thankful and we are going to use you in the future!"

B. Hartzman - Bartlett, TN - "We are now confident that all of my mother's needs are in place and appreciate the kindness and compassion you all gave us.  We will be happy to recommend your firm to our friends and family.  You all went above and beyond.  Thank you so much."

C. Arendall - Memphis, TN - "Everyone associated with the firm was very professional and pleasant.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

M. Mears - Olive Branch, MS - "Great people to work with! Would highly recommend!"